Recognition and validation of a cross competence in rural community development Horizon2020

Project Rurality

This new program is centered more on the formal and informal learning beyond the borders of the UE, with a clear vocation of internationalization, opened to more countries with the objective to improve the educative and training skills for the employment of students, professors and workers.

Priorities of the project

Development of the basic and transversal skills using innovative methods. Developed from the VT (vocational training) based on high quality work...

Necessity of the Project

In the Communitarian Framework of Support 2000-2006 and in Financial Framework 2007-2013, a 39% of all the approved projects had repercussions in the rural development...

Main goals

To develop, to recognize and to validate a Transversal Skill in the QFQ for a new professional profile of “communitarian technician in agricultural development in Horizon 2020”. To increase the transparency..

Project actions

Each partner will carry out 6 informative local seminaries of where they esteem the contribution of at least 25 social partners (stakeholders)...

Project: 2015-1-ES01-KA202-016167