The new Erasmus+ program is molded to the strategy Europe 2020, to the strategy Education and Training 2020 and to the strategy Rethinking Education and covers all the initiatives related to education, training, youth and sports.

In mater of education substance it covers all the levels: school, professional/vocational training, academic education and adult training.

Erasmus+ also integrates the existing programs in the Permanent Learning Program and the programs of international superior education: Mundus, Tempus, ALPHA, Edulink and Bilateral programs, and also the Program Youth in Action.

This new program is centered more on the formal and informal learning beyond the borders of the UE, with a clear vocation of internationalization, opened to more countries with the objective to improve the educative and trainingskillsfor the employment of students, professors and workers.

Project: 2015-1-ES01-KA202-016167