Need of the Project

In the Communitarian Framework of Support 2000-2006 and in Financial Framework 2007-2013, a 39% of all the approved projects had repercussions in the rural development. To these data one must ad the specific communitarian initiative LEADER+ of the rural development.

In the member states of the EU there does not exist a Professional Qualification nor a Transversal Competence in Rural Communitarian Development inside of the professional families of the EFQ (European Framework of Qualifications), it also does not exist a specific training that prepares suitable multipurpose professionals to these specific necessities.

The search in all the Europe of qualified people to develop activities in the rural development area is increasing due to diversification and to the multiple activity of the rural world, that supposes:

• Knowledge of the reforms within the CAP.
• Knowledge and development of Regulation EAFRD (UE) nº 1305/2013 that considers a rural development as participant, communitarian and from “bottom to top”.
• Development of Regulation EFRD (UE) nº 1299/2013 for the objective of European territorial cooperation.
• Knowledge of new rich currents of employment in rural areas trough the HORIZON 2020.
• Development of innovation in the European agro-food sector.
• To value the green tourism as labor market: source of initiatives of young agricultural entrepreneurs.
• Conservation of the natural and cultural heritage and of the BiosphereReservesas sources of employment for the European agricultural communities.

Project: 2015-1-ES01-KA202-016167