Alto Bernesga

The scope of the Foundation will be mainly in the geographical area of the Alto Bernesga. The Foundation’s cultural, ethnographic, environment and promoting sustainable development purposes. It will support and encourage the development and management of the Biosphere Reserve ALTO BERNESGA, according to the principles enshrined in the M & B UNESCO program and, most prominently, the art of natural history and heritage HIGH BERNESGA and maintenance architecture, construction, urbanism and own traditions of their people. To ful ll the objectives and purposes, the Foundation develops and carries out, among others, the following activities: 1) promote, publish and distribute all kinds of publications. 2) Promote the conservation and protection of that cultural, natural heritage, historical-artistic, ethnographic, anthropological. 3) organize and promote cultural awareness and environmental education. 4) Manage protected areas. 5) To organize, promote conferences, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, conferences, debates, se


The Association for Sustainable Development and Promotion of Rural Employment (ADESPER) is a Spanish non-pro t organisation formed by several social agents in the scope of rural and local development. ADESPER has a wide experience in the eld of sustainable rural development; it deals with the latter from a double point of view: training and work creation.In this way, it fosters employment generation as a way to avoid a rural depopulation and to improve social and economic conditions in the rural areas. Experience: The association has actively participated in many initiatives in the scope of programmes as Leonardo da Vinci, Biodiversity Foundation, Equal, Leader or Interreg. It has great experience in local development and transnational cooperation, as well as in management of Community Funds.


CoraNE is a Portuguese non pro t organization with a large role of competences and experience in the eld of local and rural development. Created in 1995, with the target area known as Terra Fria Transmontana formed by the Municipalities of Bragança, Miranda do Douro, Vimioso and Vinhais. The main goal of its creation is social, economic and cultural development through the valorization, promotion and capitalization of its local potential and endogenous resources, through the implementation of development projects in the region. One of the aims of CoraNE ́s local development strategy is the implementation of vocational training of staff, technicians and managers of institutional framework and local population in general. CoraNE has been promoting training activity under the Operational Program Human Potential (POPH), particu

Cia Toscana

The Confederazione Italiana Agricoltori Toscana (CIA Toscana) is a professional farmers association . The CIA Toscana represents and protects the farmer’s economic, social and civil interests and the rural community. The CIA Toscana is organised in provincial, regional and national associations which are legally independent. It is based in Florence and represent 20.000 farmers and more than 70.000 associated. The CIA Toscana promotes farmers participation in economic choices in relation to others sectors of the economy and of society, on the base of equal dignities and the mutual convenience; it works for the protection of the environment and for the protection of the territory, it pursues the rebalance town-country; it promotes cultural activities, hospitality and relief that allow the diffusion of the value of the rural world between urban populations. It provides many services to provide practical solutions within the agricultural sector. They have taken part in Rural Development and Human Resources Programmes (LEADER, HORIZON, INTEGRA, ADAPT,) and speci c training programmes (LEONARDO, GRUNDTVIG).

Agroinstitut NITRA

AGROINSTITUT NITRA is educational institution under the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic. The organisation was established in 1967 and is involved in development of continuing education strategies and projects, mainly in the sector of agriculture and rural development, both on national and international level. The main strategic goals of Agroinstitut are: a) development of effective continuing education system in agro-food sector; b) support and coordination of agricultural advisory services. Our organisation also provides conference services and hotel accommodation, ICT and library services. Agroinstitut has also signi cant experience in development and implementation of international bilateral and multilateral projects (LLP programmes Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig, different bilateral programmes).


INFOCENTER is a licensed VET Centre and provides licenced trainings for more than 40 quali cations. They are constantly enlarging their training offers depending on the changing labour market and the new jobs emerging. They keep a wide network of highly quali ed vocational trainers of adults, as well as of other professionals who are in uencing the design, development and quality management of vocational training systems throughout Bulgaria and Europe. They work in close collaboration with the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training when it comes to development and validation of new training materials and curricula. In their everyday work they follow the principles of ECVET, EQAVET, national and European quali cation frameworks and other relative documents. The Centre works in partnership with local, national and international institutions, agencies and authorities. We are experienced in the former Leonardo and Grundtvig projects and also in national Human Resource Development projects. We are also accreditted by and work in close cooperation with the National Employment Agency in the leds of career planning, quali cation and labour mediatio


GOU is a medium size state university situated in Tokat Province of Turkey. It is active in several areas of education and research with more than 1.000 faculty members. It has the aim to be a dynamic and ef cient higher education in the Region. The objectives of GOU are providing high quality educational, training and research services in order to train specialists in different elds and to create an intellectual community accredited by national and international quality agencies. The areas in which the university is active and delivers services are: education & training; scienti c & applicative research; guidance & counselling; professional orientation; international cooperation in different elds; publishing activities. In the last 10 years GOU was involved in over 20 EU and UN nanced projects, more than 10 under its coordination. GOU has implemented projects on education/training not only for students and young people but also for other target groups – disadvantaged or vulnerable groups (people with learning disabilities, persons at risk of social exclusion, unemployed, low quali ed, etc.).Relevant projects: ACID (TOI): Improving Competencies of Agricultural Counselors in Development of Agriculture and Rural, IPCISP (ERASMUS+): Improving the Professional Competence and Increasing the Social Development of Prison Staff, KAMEDAP Platform for Vocational Solidarity Among Women

Project: 2015-1-ES01-KA202-016167